Wetsuit Guide

Finding your first wetsuit can take time but here at Coast and Marine we're ready to help you make your choice.

How should the wetsuit feel when I first put it on?

Wetsuits should feel snug, abit like a glove on your hand. You should be able to move pretty freely without alot of restriction. 

Once you've worn your wetsuit in the water it'll loosen up. 

How do I know if it fits?

Wetsuits that are too small will feel very restrictive and you'll find it difficult to move. The back area will be stretched out from your bottom to lower back creating a hollow which you definitely don't want as this can fill with water.

Other signs a wetsuit is too small is that its too far up past the ankle or waist.  While you do need tightness around the neck, ankles and wrists to stop flushings of water getting in, you shouldn't feel extremely uncomfortable. Do remember though, these areas will loosen up a little once in the water. 

Ideally your boots and gloves will fit just over the wetsuit on ankle and wrist areas. 

Wetsuits that are too big will have creased up areas, bulges and gaps. 

If you're worried about rubbing, rash vests can be worn underneath. Coast and Marine wetsuits have anti-rub necklines to prevent this. 

Getting the right size

We suggest you to go with your dress size for our shorties but go a size up for our full suits. Fittings are welcome in our store changing room. 

To make fittings easy, you can wear your swimsuit underneath and use a bag over the hands/feet to help you slide into the wetsuit. A brand new wetsuit is at its tightest but will loosen with use. 

If you happen to be different sizes on either top or bottom, we recommend you choose the bigger size for your wetsuit.

Wetsuit is too long in the arms and legs. What can I do?

Fear not, we are working with a local seamstress who can shorten the arms and legs of your wetsuit to give you a perfect fit! 

If you need any further help, don't hesitate to get in touch at hellomarineclothing@gmail.com or send us a messenger.